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Related post: Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 19:03:03 -0700 (PDT) From: Kiddo Xavier Subject: Out of Rhythm part 1 - Fucked the Beat "Gay Male"Out of the Rhythm Part 1 : Fucked the Beat I looked around and see nothing, preteen girls ass this place, my place had always been dark ever since I became true with myself. And until now I suffer the consequences of my action. I shouldn't have come out. I should have stayed on my shell. video preteen free The best, I shouldn't have met him. Renz, the man I wished dead right now. The one that made me suffer and chomped my heart into pieces. I stayed right on the corner of both walls continued tearing while looking on the knife laying in front of me confused to whom should I stabbed it. To Renz or to Me...Okay I know that introduction is little harsh, but hey that's what really happened.. Let me take you back where it all began and how did I got on that situation which I thought was the end of my ironic life. -Xander Intimidating, that's how I look at for others when I'm around the floor. They seem less confident to sway their body whenever I stand right at the centre of the floor. Well I can't blame them if they were, because they really should be, I mean I'm the heartbreaker of the dance floor. But I never tried to brag about it. I'm just as obscure as some random guys out there. Tonight I'm really wasted. I had drunk 4 shots of tequila and a couple of other kind of shots which I really don't care. But I felt totally tipsy. The beat of the Speaker and the yelling and cheering of the people kept me awake though. I lay on the front of the Bartender free preteens paedo area laying my head down almost sleeping."I think you should go home Xan". Jeff said while wiping the glass."Have you forgotten, I have no home." preteen 13yo ls I scoffed."Okay, well at least go back to your apartment and have some rest. You're totally wasted.""Hmmm." I mumbled."So stubborn" he sighed in defeat.-RenzI walked pass the entrance hall. Mica my ex invited free preteenzb innocent me to this discreet Club down the end of the town. First impression? It was sick. Typically dark room and Disco light is everywhere and some rolling colour preteen in upskirt lights, It smelled a combination of musky smokes and hard drinks, the beat was almost deafening and everyone where dancing wild on the floor. Mica came over me."So are you enjoying yourself?" she asked."I dunno, I guess I'm not in the mood right now.""Oh come on, not because we're not together anymore doesn't mean that you have to close yourself.""Hey don't push it. We are so last, last month" I smiled.She had this huge preteen boys topsites grin in her face."Really? Well then prove it." She said pointing a woman two blocks away from me. She was hot as Hell, curly blonde, panty shorts huge boobs, you know the drill. preteen cartoon models Blake suddenly came around Mica. They kissed hard almost made me feel awkward. I looked away"Hey I don't preteen wet ass make a crime if I borrowed my girl right?" He smiled."No, no" I shrugged. "Go ahead I'll try to make some fun." I said.They left as Mica gave me a winked. I laughed.I tried to flirt at this preteen model twins woman I saw earlier and it worked. She was really hot and made me enjoy some of the night. She was actually making out with me preteen photo wet while we are dancing on the floor. I had a few shots so I guess I am a little groggy. After a while we got tired bouncing around, she decided to left. "Hey you want to hit my room?" She preteen nudeist pic asked."I don't even know you and you wanted to have sex?" I said flashing my teeth.She then grabbed my packaged and rubbed it wildly. "Yeah" she whispered on my ear. It made me instantly hard. But I'm not in the mood."I guess I'll pass" I xx preteens said, she frowned. "But giving me your preteen porno sites number might help underage preteen nubiles to make it up with you. So we can finish what we have started." I continued. She smiled again and typed her number on my IPhone."Call me." She said then left.I was not into sex this couple of weeks, it started since preteen illegal gallery girls kept on snagging me and asking me to go out with them. They all wanted to have sex. Not, that I don't want it cuz I'm awesome with it but it was like I wasn't getting to much effort in getting girls drop their panties preteens feet on me. It kinda turned me off. Yes, to brag I am really a good GOD looking guy. Well built, smooth face and lustful eyes.I then decided to go on the bartender's area and get some few drinks before going back home. There preteen forum models is nothing around that help to keep me staying. I didn't saw Mica and Blake around I guess they are making out somewhere. Mica was my woman for a couple of months. But I guessed it really didn't preteen portal rompl work out so we decided to be just friends. And that's that.I sat in the front preteens models angels of the bartender and looked around before ordering."What do you want bro?" He smiled. Jeez, the blonde shot haired bartender was sure sizzling, I bet couple of girls beg for him to get fucked. I was not into guys though."A Zombie shot may work." I said.He then started preparing my preteens soft nude drink when suddenly my eyes caught this guy one seat beside me laying down at the front table, his face was covered with his arms almost sleeping. He had seven shot glasses around him. He then got up and lay his chin on his arms. My eyes then got pretty caught off guard when I saw the most pinkish guy I ever saw in my life his eyes were covered with a jetglass.But the weirdest thing was, I instantly preteen 10yr got turned on with him. I felt my mouth open just by looking at him like that. He's so smooth along with his wavy black hair. It was like that hair mex preteens style in the movie about Vampires with yellow eyes which I found sucks. But not him, it really compliments his face. He had this small patch of hair in his chin and broad edged jaws. But what really made me pretty horny were his pink full lips pouting its way out while he was playing at the shot glass like preteen porn newsgroups a kid.I preteens video passwords wanted to kiss it.The bartender then handed me my drink while I was on the bliss of wondering my eye on preteen porn galliers this hot guy. I nude sex preteen jumped lightly. He had this smirk when he saw me checking out this guy. I looked back focusing on my drink.He then tapped the drunk guy. "Hey Xander I'm really throne up if nn preteens bikini I saw you drop your ass down unconscious. You should go back home NOW" He was more like a father than a friend in his tone."How many times do I have to drill it in your penny ears Jeff... That I have no home left!" yelling at him with a playful tone."Alright that's enough! You ---""Shhhh" He cut off Jeff "Just Kidding, preteen mode lbreast alright I'll go but throw me another shot." He was really drunk but it was like he wasn't giving up."No." He said bluntly."Pretty please" He childishly said almost like a drunk angel. God he was so cute in that.I can't even believe myself that I was thinking this. Jeff then sighed and gave him erotic pictures preteens another shot."So" He said turning on me "What is it for you keeping your eyes on cgi preteen bbs child preteen underage me." He snapped I didn't know that he was aware of me. Am I that obvious?"Huh?" I pretended not knowing what he had preteen videos sex said. I involuntarily bottomed up my free real preteen shot. I was getting turned on with this guy. WHAT THE HECH?! "you out of your mind?" I said smugging."What ever."He said turning his head back to Jeff. "Hey hot sexy stud with a big ass , can you make another for this one here" He said pointing me. Jeff then handed him two drinks. Xander then slide the shot glass on me making a face."Thanks buddy, I think." I said smiling."Alright you got your drink now go HOME." Jeff ordered.Xander then bottomed it out like it was only a cup of water before taking his jetglass off. God his eyes were heavy red but really dark like stripping you off as he stares at you."Chris!" He then yelled walking vigorously on the dance floor.Spotlight suddenly lit his preteen pandaboard way. "Alright everbody make a way `His' up baby his up." A voice from the speaker said. I suspect that's Chris. What turned me alive again was The song playing as he got up in a leveled board mapping out his preteen top forum preteen incest hentai slim sexy body covered in a white fitted V-neck t-shirt. Everything slowed down.-Mica"Yeah Xander is up!"Blake exclaimed."Hey baby who's that Xander?" I asked in confusion. He was hot preteen brests pictires alright but what made him so special for others to know his name."Baby you're about to see a real step-up crew. He is SICK!!!" It was like almost all of the people waited for him to go up on that level board surrounded by other sick dancers.I held my breath as I waited to see what this guy could do. -XanderOn the Floor by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, I thought. Chris never loses his taste. I definitely can work with this one. I snatched one shot on the crew handling a tray I looked everybody as I was in the center seducing them. I waited for the chorus while I bounce around them swaying on the rhythm as I wait for the right timing. I looked back at the guy I saw at Jeff's stand. I was instantly into him just by staring at him, that I cannot deny. He was like a living greek god with an innocent face. I suspect he has this Asian-American breed because bikini links preteen of his eyes. But definitely manly enough that everyone will envy for even me. His lips were so thin that it might tore apart when kissed. Not to mention, even if he was wearing a black sweater you can glimpse at his well built body. A buff model from Broadway. His skin was tanned along with a black spiky hair.I felt my cock swell but bit my lips so I could get my head off with him. But It was more like a lick than a bit.The moment I snapped back was the moment I heard the right beat. I then started locking my body all over the stage moving like a machine but equalizing my move with the harmony of the music. Long before I know, Everyone is cheering for me. I was all around the corner bending around like I was a boneless fish.I love dancing.And a modern Lambada with a twist of street beat made it clear that I will still be the king/queen of the Club. Everyone was shouting my name as I was now making face with my moves. I saw him looking, no gaping at me as I make my move.I then cooled down as the music soften. I complimented it with dirty steps. I held the denim in my left thigh and put my other hand around my forehead. My hips were rolling like a grinder. preteen bikini bottoms teenybopper preteen porn I let my body moved like jellyfish and swayed illegal cp preteen seducing everyone below me. There were whistles now.I was actually Fucked the Beat."Fuck me Xander!!!" I heard a woman preteen pussy 15 screamed. I laughed.I continued doing this then shook my waist like preteens of porn a blender until I was good in locking my body again. I looked at the half breed guy again and he was just staring me with his lust eyes. I began to wonder if he was gay straight or bi because I from lust preteens here I could trace a swell from his pants.It was now time for the final blow.I then twist my body upside down and head stand using only one arm. My shirt just fall down exposing my smooth abs, preteen runaway stories everyone cheered. The time I stood up the music was over.Everyone clapped whistles and even screamed my name as walked down. I felt groggy that made my eyes bleary. I came back to Jeff to make a preteens naturist family glimpse with the guy before going back to my apartment.He was gone. I felt disappointed."Yo!" Jeff called. "I guess now you can go home.""Hey I can't let my preteens little bitches buddies down without giving there a preteen thong mode show."I smiled arrogantly. "You are such an asshole."He smiled."Na ah a bitch maybe." I said. We both laughed. "Bye Jeff.""See yah when I see yah again. ************I took down on a side of the club and decided to walk instead of riding a cab. I had that much of money left. On model preteen sparkle my way I'm aware that I was being followed. The crappy thing was I was tipsy and couldn't be able to defend myself if ever this was a burglar. Damn I thought "Isn't this getting any better." First, my bills are overdue and soon be cut off, then I saw my father this noon, he looked back at me as if I was a piece of trash And now what? I'm here walking along a dark sewing street about to be crashed by a burglar that may cause my life.I then decide to turn and face him."Come on out now. You can kill me if you want but I swear I have no money left to give, so do what you want to do." I felt pity to myself at that time. I was so miserable.Then out of nowhere that guy on the Bar was standing right at the corner of the wall. He was damn sexy. I felt my cock twitch. I didn't let my guards down though. He had those genuine eyes as he approached me. I leaned on the wall of a building and saw that he was holding my jetglasses. His hand was shaking."I think this is yours." He preteen said stiffly looking me right through my eyes as florida preteens models he handed it to me. I could melt down in an instant.-Mica"Hey did you see Renz?" I asked Blake."No I haven't" He said scanning around."Where di he go? Ah maybe he got hooked with a chick and left.""Maybe." I smiled then kissed Blake on the preteen honeys bbs lips.-RenzOh god what am I doing? I preteen g string am actually here alone with the hottest guy while he stares at me as if I am japan preteen videos about to be eaten. But screw it, I want him and right now I am preteens forum sex badly horny after watching his moves on that bar. I had my boner under my boxers real preteen nudists and it was begging gallery girls preteen for me to let it lose. He took his glasses "Thanks." He said then turned away."Wait!" I suddenly said grabbing Xander in the arm. Then it went terribly wrong. He was to drunk to support himself and fall down on his knees. I grabbed his shoulder but naked preteens girls his chest was rubbing my boner that made it even harder. I guess he had felt my boner because he started to laugh. "You should have asked." He said smirking at me then fall down on his knees and started eating my cock under my pants. I moaned hard enough that made him laugh again enjoying the length of my rod. His hand started to massage my ass while he kept wetting on my pants. I leaned over preteen in pantyhoses a wall and let him worked with my cock. He unzipped the zipper of my pants, pulled my cock out of my boxers then started devouring my hard rod. My guess was he was also horny for he didn't even teased the head of my cock. He just preteen nudeboy models cp preteen nymphets go all the way to my pubes. Crap I could cum right there. His mouth was awesome, better than every maxwell preteen pics girl that blew me. Better than anything else. I was in ecstatic. All I could hear that night was the slurping sound of his mouth savoring every inch of my pulsing cock. I was raging my 7 and a half inch fat cock On his mouth. It made asia preteen boy me more aggressive when I realized that those full lips started to deep throat me all the preteen paedo way preteen dream gallerys to the pubes then pushed it out right at the tip. My legs where shaking as he kept on driving his mouth in my cock."Ah... Please don't stop baby don't please" I begged while catching my breath.He hummed under my preteen bikini links cock in agreement. My eyes were rolling back he was really good. No, he was the best. The crazy thing was, Xander was a dude, I was fooling around with a dude. Even this was clear in my head, I couldn't bring myself to stop. After a few minutes of deep throat he rested his mouth on my preteen boy pee balls and licked it wet. I jerked my cock a little before he went back to my cock devouring it preteen nude portal again down to my pubes. "Want me to stop?" He asked licking at my rod looking biz bbs preteen me on the eyes. "No dude you can't!" I half yelled. He laughed then continued blowing me. He got more aggressive and faster making me thrust forward. Sooner I was meeting his russian preteen fasion moves and I was fucking his mouth. "Suck that fucking dick man, I love your mouth!" forbidden preteen pictures I said holding his shaggy hair, fucking his mouth. He went faster I can't help myself to moan louder and didn't care if someone sees us. I just want this to last forever. I then felt I was going to blow. "Oh god, I'm cumin stop it now I'm gonna blow on your mouth" I said. Instead of stopping, he thrust his mouth deeper which sends me over the edge "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" I yelled blowing all my juice inside his throat I felt my legs buckles down. I blow more and more cum it seems forever. He swallowed all effortlessly I was amazed how professional this dude was. I was still in seizure of pleasure when he hummed under my cock. It tickled me and laughed. He then rested my cock in his mouth nursing it until it's soft.Xander got up on his feet and smiled licking his full lips with his tongue. Damn he was so fucking sexy. "I guess that's it." He announced. I didn't get that part. He then winked at me then turned away. "Hey!" I said grabbing his arms. I didn't came this far without lapping my lips preteen underground pictures on his. That was my ultimatum. When I was about to kiss him he turned his head away. I stopped still. Maybe I got a little too far.But it was just a kiss. We already fooled around. His face turned serious. I thought maybe the effect of the alcohol started to wore off. hott preteens "Um, I thought I could score once more, guess I'm not." I smiled. "I'm sorry." He was then looked abashed then smiled. "No it's cool. I'm just not into it. I mean you don't want to taste your own cum, right?"We laughed."Dude that was fucking hot." I said almost like a praise."Yeah I get that most of the time." He approved. Wow how many guys did this man fooled around."Hey you didn't cum yet."I said looking at his rock hard cock. There was a trace of precum from his pants. I guess it was like 6 inches long."Yeah naked preteen nude but I could handle it." He said proudly. preteen daughter incest That I doubt. I then grabbed his crotch and started american preteen erotica rubbing it. He then gasped in my move. "Oh yeah that felt good." He squirmed. I never done this with any guys, he was the preteen uk nymphet first and I want it to be the best for him. I then rolled him and pushed Xander on the wall.-XanderOh god his hand fuck preteen darkcollection felt awesome. I almost forgot how good indian model preteen to be man handled since I was the only one who always move whenever a guy fooled around with me. His body pressed against me was amazing. I was horny as hell. He tried to go for a kiss again but I turned away. This was my exception. All of these nymphets preteen model guys wanted sex. preteens virgins fun And that's that. I don't want every preteen fucksex part of my body being used by horny preteen blog some random people. A source mexican preteen gallery of ethics I think.He respected my move but kept on rubbing on my cock. I was breathing hard and our faces are so close I could smell his sweet breath. He unzipped my zipper then slid out pettite preteen my throbbing cock out. He preteen guy jerked it off and it felt awesome. We made an eye contact and then he wrapped his other arms around the back of my neck. preteen in sex His hand was like so tight fuck preteen russian I was like fucking a hole. I thrust involuntarily and he smiled. "It's preteen young sex the least I could do" he said. Damn his soft face and big cock was awesome but his thoughtful words was an extra bonus. "That's out of the plan" I 3d preteen cute laughed. He didn't smiled just kept his eyes on me, our faces we're only inches apart. He get more aggressive and jerked me off harder. I was having a hard time catching my breath. Then, it happened. He caught me off guard and took his price.He brushed his lips on mine.I tried to back away but his hands were around my head. He got me locked up. I wanted to pushed him away but he was strong and jerking me off made my body numb enough for him to took over me.I gave in.He kissed me hard almost suffocating but hot preteen nymphet this was a competition, the winner takes it all. I grabbed again his now hard cock and jerked it off. That turned him on more, same thing with me. I kissed him back. His lips were so good in mine and I wanted it to last. He was giving me this wet kiss and I was moaning in satisfaction. Then I felt I was preteen masterbation videos near. I grabbed his ass as I jerked him harder.It was so intense my mind went black when I shot my cum on his hand. He came at the same time in my hand. I kept shooting my loads on the floor preteen models cherry as he kept on kissing me wet. I moaned and breathing hard in pleasure. We parted a little, I licked some cum angel modeling preteens in my hand he saw it and imitated me. Gosh the way he lick was so ecstatic. preteen boards He seemed enjoy it."How does it taste?" preteen nudes top I said smiling."Weird but tasty." We laughed.We got ourselves fixed. I was zipping my pants locked when I caught him staring at me. "You know, I could melt." I snapped fixing my pants. Then our eyes met again as if there was magnet keeping it on contact. I try to look away but I couldn't. Out of nowhere He grabbed my head and pushed it against his face. He kissed me again, but this time it was softer, lighter and careful. It was as if he cared. I held the side of his cheeks and felt contented having his lips on me.But I know this feeling. I can't do it.I pushed myself away from his hug. He stared at me almost frustrated. I felt furious though. This was not suppose to happen. I then snapped out of it and ran away..For the first time, I teens preteens nn was out of rhythm in someone's arm.******************************So how was it? Just so you know I'm a first timer in writing stories free preteen stockings so I'm open to suggestions and comments just email me here >> . Bad comments are also open please help me guys improve it, I already have drafts for part preteen candid beach 2 but I'm still waiting for your comment s hahaha.
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